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Installation - Surface Mounted Tactile System

Designed to be labour saving and cost effective the surface Mounted Tactile System Benefits from:-

  • Surface mounted, no excavation.
  • No waste, no landfill.
  • Reduced labour costs, less disruption.
  • Faster completion, no heavy plant required.
  • Easy lifting, easily cut, no 'hot' works.

Surface Mounted Tactile Adhesive

Surface Mounted Tactile Paving SystemsThe tactile range of adhesive has been specifically developed by J&A Stevenson for boding the tiles to a variety of substrates. The adhesive outperforms all other tactile fixing systems available today in terms of strength, durability and cost.

  • Colour matched to the tile,
  • Simple to mix,
  • Easy to apply,
  • Fast curing,
  • High bond strengh,
  • Moisture tolerant version available for application in damp conditions, which etends the laying season and accommodates inclement weather conditions.

Product Performance and test data.

Surface Mounted Tactile Paving SystemsThe Surface mounted tactile system has been extensively tested to improve performance. This testing has been carried out using controlled conditions at a fully equipped laboratory and independently verified during numerous trials at locations throughout the UK

  • The specifically formulated adhesive has been tested for adhesion by J&A Stevenson.
  • Tensile tests were performed and the failure mode for the vast majority of the test samples was within the base substrate.*
  • Skid Resistance Value (SRV). Tested using the pendulum test and values of up to 75 SRV were achieved. This out performs concrete at 50 SRV and even anti-skid surfaces which are only rated to 65 SRV.
  • Wear tested for durability and found to far out to perform concrete*
  • UV tested for colorfast properties*
  • Freeze/Thaw tested*
  • Manufactured to strict QA Criteria*

*details available by request.