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Suredeck Plywood Anti Slip Boards

The ideal solution to providing a DDA compliant floor to timber platforms and ramps.


Slip resistance complies with British Standards


Can be cut and worked on using normal woodworking tools


Available in a variety of colours


Available in a range of sheet sizes and thicknesses


This high quality product comprises our 2mm thickness Suregrp non slip surface sheet, laid up onto 12mm thickness marine quality plywood sheet.


The load bearing characteristics make it suitable for heavy pedestrian loading when supported on bearers at 400mm centres. Fixing of sheets is simply a matter of screwing down.


Boards can be supplied ready drilled at 400mm centres and countersunk if required.


The plywood sheet comes resin coated so therefore it is fully sealed if the sheet is predrilled and counter sunk the sheet is fully guaranteed however if you cutting or drilling in to the sheet this will need to be sealed either with a resin or a sealant.


An innovative range of products to provide speedy and effective solution to platforms, steps and ramps


Suredeck is a plywood panel, fully resin coated and finished with a 3mm thick suregrp anti slip surface.


It is available in 15mm, 21mm and 26mm thicknesses and in a range of colour finishes.


Product Range



Suredeck flat sheet
Standard sheets 2400mm x 1200mm or ready cut to suit your requirements and to your choice of colour finish.


Suredeck stair treads
Ready made stair treads with 3mm thick suregrp anti slip finish incorporated. 50mm nosing and riser highlighted yellow or white and the main body to your choice of colour


Suredeck landing panels with nosings
Factory made landing panels produced to suit your specific requirement. Complete with 50mm or 70mm nosings where appropriate. Nosing highlighted yellow or white and the main body to your choice of colour.


Suredeck landing panels with tactile insert
Suredeck landing panels, as above, but incorporating tactile panel set 400mm from the edge of the nosing where it gives access to steps.


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